Is the plant-based movement forgetting the importance of organic production?

You are invited to an eye-opening webinar. The importance of organic production seems forgotten in the race to make plant-based products. But the organic principles should be held close to our hearts in the way we build up our plant-based food systems. There are many benefits to biodiversity and insect lives with organic production compared to conventional. The organic principles go hand in hand with the plant-based consumers’ values and ethics. Participate in this webinar to get the knowledge and inspiration on why you need to think about organics. Get tools and examples that you can use in your country.

It is free to participate. Sign up via the link here: Link to registration.


19:00 Welcome by Rune-Christoffer Dragsdahl, General Secretary, The Vegetarian Society of Denmark

19:10 Plant-based consumers’ beliefs and how it relates to organics - Katrine Ejlerskov, Director of The Danish Knowledge Center for a Plant-Based and Organic Future

19:30 Why Organic Farming? Impact on Insects and Biodiversity - Almut Haub, M.Sc. Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Germany.

19:50 Insect Intelligence and Ethics - Meghan Barrett, PhD, Founding Director of the Insect Welfare Research Society, USA

20:15 Small break

20:25 How to Succeed with Organic Plant-Based Products, three case stories: Emil Andersen, CEO, PerfectSeason. Randi Wahlsten, CEO, MATR Foods. Ulrich Kern-Hansen, CEO, Organic Plant Protein.

20:55 How Organics Became Mainstream in Denmark? Policy, market initiatives and collaboration, also with the plant-based movement – Paul Holmbeck, IFOAM – Organics International, Board member.

21:15 Wrapping up and closing remarks.


12. december 2023


Luk (Esc)